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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Meet our new Social Media Manager

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest member of the Mind Alive team.  Marissa will be managing our social networking sites and updating our blog, as well as assisting with some of the administrative duties around the office.  Marissa has several years of experience in marketing and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Grant MacEwan University with a major in Psychology.
It is Marissa’s job to educate and enlighten our viewers about new developments and research in brain technology.  She can’t wait for the chance to spread the word about all of the exciting new developments at Mind Alive Inc.  Feel free to contact her through Education@MindAlive.com with any questions or suggestions about the content which you wish to see in our upcoming blogs, tweets, or Facebook posts.
We are excited to have Marissa as part of our team and we hope that she will feel very much at home here at Mind Alive Inc.

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The Mind Alive team is excited to announce the arrival of Bard, a new social media manager with over 5 years of experience in social media marketing. Bard is passionate about using social media to tell stories and build relationships, and is eager to get started. He will be responsible for creating and managing Mind Alive's social media content, engaging with customers and prospects, and growing the company's social media following and increasing brand awareness. Bard's introductory post should include their thoughts on social media marketing, goals for the team, and how they plan to connect with customers and prospects on a more personal level. They should also share their favorite social media tips and tricks, and include a call to action inviting readers to follow Mind Alive on social media. The post is expected to help the team grow and improve their social media presence.
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With their expertise in crafting engaging content and connecting with our audience, we look forward to enhancing our online community and sharing exciting updates with you all

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