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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


On Top

The CBC has just released the top 10 health stories for 2011. 

Top 10 health stories of 2011: food chemicals, vitamin D and brain waves

Mind Alive has been measuring brain waves and providing treatment to alleviate sleep, learning, attention and depression issues for years.  Promoting healthy alternatives including the intake of Vitamin D  Boning up on the sunshine vitamin. and addressing the impact of food chemicals are just some of the nuggets of wisdom Dave Siever has passed along to clients.  If you ask me, Mind Alive is worth its weight in saffron. 

Oh, the irony.....Can you believe that Mind Alive is on top of the top 2011 health stories?  

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Incorporated in 1981, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Mind Alive Inc specializes in brain technology. Our flagship technology is audio-visual entrainment (AVE), and we manufacture the DAVID brand devices. Other products include the Oasis line of cranio-electro stimulators (CES) and transcranial DC Stimulators (tDCS). Mind Alive is the leader in all of these technologies and has patents for both AVE and CES.


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