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Monday, December 12, 2011


The Morning Coffee Routine

Do you drink coffee as an upper in the morning? From a physiological perspective it seems like a bad idea, because normally your body is dehydrated in the morning from fasting all night, thus drinking a diuretic doesn't make a lot of sense. Also, coffee has been shown to slightly increase blood pressure, which may lead to hypertension. Yes, caffeine wakes you up, but a better approach if you have an audio visual entrainment device is to run a Beta session immediately after you hit the snooze button.

The reason you'd run a Beta session is because good, strong beta brain waves (14-40 Hz)  make us sharper, more focused and alert, which if you commute to work in Alberta you'll need every advantage. Winter driving can be scary, especially since many drivers, like me, don't change over to winter tires and those who have winter tires can be a bit over confident that their tires will save from disaster, commonly known as black ice. Even in summer, driving has many hazards so it's good to be alert and thinking clearly. Another big advantage of AVE over coffee is you run the session at home and leave your AVE there. Taking your coffee with you in the car probably won't net you a distracted driving ticket, but definitely increases your chance of an accident, especially if you spill hot coffee on yourself.

With AVE you'll be ready to face the day without the morning mental fog and since you don't need coffee you can reach for a glass of water to rehydrate your body. Having protein first thing in the morning controls your hunger cravings through out the day, increasing productivity and decreasing the need for sugary treats through out the day to stay awake. AVE is a great tool for better health, but it's only a tool. You still need to have a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook on life.


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