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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Good Nutrition

I came across a video talking about the Gerson method for curing illness, The Beautiful Truth. It's about a young man who does research about healthy eating and the Gerson method. Max Gerson was a German, Jewish doctor during WWII. He managed to flee to the US where he developed his method for good health which for the most part comes down to good eating and surprisingly a coffee enema. I've taken natural health studies before, but I had only ever heard of regular enemas done with water.

His daughter, Charlotte, keeps the system alive as she maintains the Gerson Institute. That site has a lot of good information about the therapy and testimonials from clients who have completely recovered from traditionally terminal cancers. She also offers workshops in San Diego where people from all over the world attend. The list of foods and lifestyle change sounds expensive upfront, especially to Canadians who have most of their "traditional" healthcare costs covered, but on the other hand many people already buy organic and have juicers. Cancer drugs aren't cheap either and are known toxins. Better eating benefits the entire family.


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