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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


AVE Success from A Chance to Grow

A Chance to Grow has sent us some amazing customer feedback about AVE products. For the next few weeks I'll post some of them for you to read to see what a difference AVE makes to children, parents and teachers.


Victoria, MN
January, 2010

My son has had very challenging behaviors for quite some time.  I was at my wits end with him.  Nothing worked.  Then we found out about AVE.  TWO DAYS later he was back to his old self.  The challenging behavior is GONE!

After Two days of using the AVE my daughter drew a stick person!  She had only drawn egg people before with arms coming out where the ears should be.  Her OT worked with her for months, and worked with her to no avail.  TWO DAYS!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
November, 2005

My son experienced enormous benefit from the AVE program.  After 5 sessions he went from being unable to read simple words, without assistance, to reading whole paragraphs unassisted.  He went from being scattered and disruptive in class to a well-mannered child who was able to focus on classroom assignments.  Stress was reduced at home for everyone, as my son was far more agreeable and compliant to household routines and expectations.  The AVE program has had a significant part in creating greater successes in my son’s life


Maplewood, MN
March, 2002

Our son, age 14, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy 2 years ago, has been a slow learner and mentally impaired for years.  He has used the AVE machine approximately  5 weeks.   Right away my husband and I noticed more alertness in Danny, especially in completing tasks and being more organized.  Nothing else has ever worked and I was skeptical.  It’s hard to put a finger on what is different, but we know for sure it is a change for the better.


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