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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Tribute to those who've helped us grow

Darn I used the Brain Game on Monday, but other things have been on my mind lately.

Since we have so many distributors I thought it would be nice to acknowledge them. We have some great people doing great things with Mind Alive products, whether it's helping children, people with brain injuries or suffering from pain among the many other uses of AVE, CES and tDCS. Many of them help me out by clicking "like" on Facebook and participating in discussions. Our products are always hard to sell, because of a strong educational component that needs addressing. Yeah, it's a bit difficult to help people understand that flashing lights and sounds can relieve their aches and pains.

I'd like to give back by maybe starting to blog about small business since I come across different articles about social media and tips and tricks about growing a small business.



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Incorporated in 1981, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Mind Alive Inc specializes in brain technology. Our flagship technology is audio-visual entrainment (AVE), and we manufacture the DAVID brand devices. Other products include the Oasis line of cranio-electro stimulators (CES) and transcranial DC Stimulators (tDCS). Mind Alive is the leader in all of these technologies and has patents for both AVE and CES.


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