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Monday, July 25, 2011


AVE for Seniors

 Remember where you put your keys?
Cognitive decline is a growing concern among seniors.  First it starts with your keys and soon you can’t remember who brought you those beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day. 
2.       I've fallen and I can’t get up!
Falls are a leading cause of injuries and injury related deaths in people over 65, in addition to having huge emotional and financial costs. With limited mobility people often start to suffer from depression and reduced quality of life
3.       Oh my aching <blank>
Pain affects all of us at some point in our lives.  As we age the cumulative affects of past injuries as well as increased risk of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis start to impact our lifestyle.
How can AVE help?
1.       One of the causes of dementia is lower cerebral blood flow as we age.  AVE frequencies around 10 Hz caused a nearly 30% increase.  In terms of cognition studies showed a 70% improvement.
2.      If falling is a concern use the depression protocol to properly stimulate the left and right side of the brain. This program is available in all our AVE devices.
3.      A study consisted of three back injury subjects, who used the DAVID Paradise to treat their chronic pain. They measured pain, medication used, suicide ideation, anxiety, self-esteem, hopefulness, coping ability and family stability. The results were very encouraging. One subject was taking up to 35 Extra Strength Tylenol with codeine per day before treatment and experiencing a subjective pain level of "7" out of "9". After one year of AVE, he was down to two or less Tylenol daily and reported a subjective pain level of "2."
If has piqued your interest in our drug free alternative to better living click here to find out more.


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I wanted to thank you for this great read.I am very pleased to find this site.
Thanks for sharing!
Glad you found it helpful :)


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