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Monday, June 6, 2011


Mind Alive Monday ~ Fishing

Dave gave me a thumb drive and I stole some of the photos to post on the web. This is from the trip to Costa Rica in February that Dave and Nancy took. Fishing is a great stress release because as Dave would say it's a huge dopamine release when you finally catch that fish! That and you're almost never alone on a boat, because you'll need help dragging in the "Big One" (clearly not seen in this photo). And a fishing trip wouldn't be a trip without the company of a few adult beverages adding to the good times!

Just the image of gentle breeze and the smell of the ocean relaxes me! Dave bounced around ideas about having downloadable sounds such as the surf as supplements for the AVEs and of course moving the office down there lol. All the fresh fruits and veggies along with ample sun for vitamin D production given his nice tan, leads to good health, though he managed to check up on us a few times each week and check e-mail, so not quite completely work free vacation.

Going new places and experiencing new things is great for the brain to dance in dendrites. Something to consider on your next vacation.


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Woweee... Dave's mixed up those pics on you, that's only the bait... The real catch (a huge swordfish amongst some other amazing catches are still with the taxidermist... A local guy who likes Tequila and long siestas) LOL.

Joking aside though, some of my best and most vivid memories of some of my rare times with my Dad from my childhood, were from sitting in a boat pulling cod etc. out of the sea outside Öland (an island on the South East coast of Sweden). Calm, joy and excitement all in abundance in a weird mix :D Thanks for the reminder Sima! A great Relaxer for me as well...

I would like to add my full support to the idea of the downloadable sounds and would like to recommend one sound in particular that I use a LOT myself and also with clients at times... "White Noise" from the "OLD" Paradise XL!
I find that it serves as a blank canvas which seamlessly metamorphoses from a quiet summer rain into a babbling Brook into all kinds of everything... Including (at times) Voice type sounds... In short, anything your Dancing Dendrites desire =D

The (external/unwanted) noise cancelling effect is also pretty awesome since outside noise tends to become subtle parts of the sound canvas rather than disrupt the Entrainment!

It very much helps with the dissociation part of the AVE process in my experience.

Dave knows I really love the Paradise XL and this is one part of its features in particular that I tend to use even when using the much "cooler" newer units.

Plugging audio in for sync sessions or just as a "backdrop" like with the White Noise is one really important feature that a lot of people tend to forget to play with, sadly...

If you haven't tried a session with white noise yet Sima... ask Dave for a Theta session on the XL with some noise and let me know what you think :O)
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I am excited to see your trip and fishing is great way of fun. I want to tour this area but unluckily i'm busy in business management assignment writing service. Whenever i will free then definitely i will go to tour.

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