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Monday, March 28, 2011


Mind Alive Monday

Dave didn't send me any photos of him doing things so it's my turn again. One of the hobbies I took up to help heal my right shoulder and deal with the stiffness in my hips was pole dancing. Pole dancing challenges the mind and body in a number ways. First is getting over the stigma that only a certain type of person can do it. Second using your own weight for your workout tones you up quickly and encourages you lose those few extra pounds. 

The photo was taken a couple years ago at a Pole Dance Camp in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where people from all over the world would come to learn about different techniques from world class instructors and meet other dancers. We all have varied backgrounds. Myself I have a degree in chemistry and currently work in marketing for Mind Alive among my other projects. The funniest thing for me is outside of the lab pole dancing is where I meet the most chemists. 

One of my close friends whom I met at camp has double degree in marketing and psychology and is going for a Master's in Management Information Systems. Others have Master's degrees in physics, BSc in Evolutionary Biology, BSc in Nursing, BSc Geology etc. Talk about keeping your mind alive! Nearly all the girls have degrees in something and a lot of them are sciences believe it or not. More so than other types of dance I've done, it's about solving problems as to where to put your weight to balance yourself and best places for friction! Sure there's the trial and error aspect, but you just can't help bringing in some math to create nice lines.

Dave always mentions about keeping the dopamine levels up by being part of social group. Pole dancers definitely support each other to the best of their abilities whether you've been at it for years or just starting out nor is it all about dancing. I've been through so many changes lately that my friends in the pole dance community have helped me smooth over.

Taken September 19, 2009, Talk like a pirate day, hence the pirate costume:)



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