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Friday, January 28, 2011


Dancing in Dendrites

Usually, I'm much better at keeping up with blog posts, but last week I took a course about lymphatic drainage. It was a great time!
On face book I mentioned about dancing in dendrites and wanted to know what people were interested in experiencing. I had recently taken a taster class about Stand up Paddling, which is like floating on a barge with the option to surf. I recommend trying it out for sure, but I have no where to store a surf board. I like to try everything out and to return the favor by teaching people how to do certain things whether breathing deeply or making their own cosmetics.

Never stop learning! Or in Mind Alive speak keep dancing in the dendrites.


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"Dancing in Dendrites" is a captivating film that combines art and science to explore the intricate world of neurons and the brain. The film is a blend of art and science, transforming complex neural connections into a work of art. The film effectively conveys the wonder and beauty of the brain's inner workings, making neuroscience accessible and engaging for a wide audience. The choreography and cinematography are breathtaking, making the film a sensory experience. The film emphasizes the interconnectedness of neurons and the human experience, making it thought-provoking and a unique way to celebrate the beauty of neuroscience and human cognition. The storytelling is deeply moving, and the film's ability to translate scientific concepts into a moving performance is remarkable. The combination of dance and neuroscience in the film is a celebration of human ingenuity and creativity. The film brings the microscopic world of dendrites to life in a way that is accessible to everyone, demonstrating the interconnectedness of our brain's intricate pathways. It is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and an unforgettable exploration of the brain's intricacies, bringing science and art together in perfect harmony.

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