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Friday, December 17, 2010


Christmas Cheer at Mind Alive!

Today was our staff Christmas party. Typical Christmas potluck ate too much and had a cute gift exchange.We had a lot of fun releasing dopamine and as Dave would say.  If he looks comfortable as almost Santa in this pic, Dave plays Santa for little kids during the holiday season among the thousands of other things he does :) The snowman he's holding actually glows red and blue, so definitely a Mind Alive Christmas mascot. Over the weekend everyone went to Jubilation's dinner theatre. From the postings on the white board sounds like everyone had a great time. I couldn't go unfortunately due to other commitments.

The office will be closed be between Christmas and New Year's, though I'll probably still post, because I'll be making my family try the AVE to see how they like it including my brother who has epilepsy. Not to worry! In the hospital they tried to induce seizures using flashing lights, but that didn't work. When he has seizures it's only once per year anyway and my mom is a nurse, so we're covered. My dad has a health spending account from his work and I'm curious to find out if it will cover the AVE, since it's a class 1 medical device in Canada. It covers bikes and treadmills so I would think it'd accept the AVE.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Read the Manual!

One of the drawbacks of having an AVE device that's so easy to use is that the manual is rarely if ever read. Case in point I've had my unit for 3 weeks and decided to read it last night. It's actually quite the reader friendly manual with charts and a nice, short explanation on why AVE works.
If you don't have your AVE yet here's the text and for those with the DAVID delight pro page 6

Welcome to the experience of the DAVID Delight Pro. a digital audio-visual entrainment (AVE) device, designed to support you in your quest for wellness by promoting various areas of the brain to work together in a harmonious fashion. Through the use of AVE you may experience yourself in a new and beneficial way.

Many users of the DAVID Delight Pro have reported experiencing
How and why do these sensations occur? Several changes take place during and following an AVE session.
  1. AVE involves dissociation. Dissociation is the first step towards the effective clearing of the mind and meditation. This clearing of thoughts and loss of body awareness is similar to what an experienced meditator would achieve
  2. Cerebral blood flow increases. Most cognitive and emotional disorders involve areas of the brain that are low in blood flow. A study by Fox and Riechle (1985) showed AVE increased cerebral blood flow up to 28%
  3. EEG (Electroencephalography) activity changes. The concept of entrainment is about altering brainwave activity. Quantitative EEG (QEEG) studies have confirmed the normalization of brain activity following an AVE session. Aberrant brainwave activity in various conditions such depression, anxiety, ADD, seasonal affective disorder, chronic fatigue, etc may be restructured into healthier patterns.
  4. Neurotransmitters change. Shealy et al. (1989) has shown that serotonin and norepinephrine increase following use of AVE.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Using AVE as a tool in holistic therapy

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm a holistic therapist in the modality of Body Talk. For a demonstration of what this looks like www.reconnective-health.com has a youtube video starring my sister as "the client" and me as "the practitioner". It's quite the system of magic healing, but it works otherwise I wouldn't decided to study it and share with friends, family and clients.
Last week I used my DAVID delight plus on a client in the meditation 3 setting, which worked out really well for both of us. He was so relaxed the session went quickly and smoothly. Today I used it on an 8 year old boy. The first 20 min were amazing! Normally he's quite squirmy, but for the first 20 min he was completely relaxed and played with the eye set to get the perfect  combination of lights for himself :) He was quite happy, because normally I ask him a lot of questions, but this time I only asked two. These two clients generally have a lot of emotional release. This can be quite tricky because emotions don't always like to leave easily, but with the AVE it's substantially easier to get the body to let go. In both cases, because their brains were nicely prepared for healing work we got through a lot more stuff than usual.
I definitely want more holistic practitioners to use AVE. I'm leading a small study to see if massage therapists notice a difference in the amount of work they have to do if their clients use it. It's made my work considerably easier.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


New to Mind Alive ~ Sima

Hello All,
No, no, no, I'm not a new product, but I'll be helping Dave out on the social media side of things, which means you'll see blog posts fairly regularly, though no where near as technical. My posts will focus on making some of the science behind Audio Visual Entrainment easier for people understand and of course add my two cents in about my experiences with the David Delight Plus ;)
A little about me, I spend a fair amount of time educating people about chemicals in their cosmetic products as I have a degree in chemistry and make my own skin care products. Also, I am a holistic therapist practicing a modality called Body Talk, where I've begun using AVE. The difference in the treatment is amazing, but more on that later.
Until then, I'm working my tag line I quite like Mind Alive "Be the brighter crayon in the box" 

Incorporated in 1981, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Mind Alive Inc specializes in brain technology. Our flagship technology is audio-visual entrainment (AVE), and we manufacture the DAVID brand devices. Other products include the Oasis line of cranio-electro stimulators (CES) and transcranial DC Stimulators (tDCS). Mind Alive is the leader in all of these technologies and has patents for both AVE and CES.


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