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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Self experimentation with AVE

I am a huge fan of Tim Ferris the author of 4 hour body and the 4 hour work week. In the 4 hour body Tim tries some really strange things in order to be slimmer and stronger. As a holistic therapist I find the entire concept over the top, as your mind affects your reality body inclusive, but entertaining nonetheless. I ordered my book that hopefully will show up some time next year (yes it's been shipped via UPS), thus I don't know if he experimented with AVE.

Anyway, as I mentioned last post I'm inspired to train with the AVE at the gym. I just don't like keeping score, though if the numbers go down... And because I quite like the spot light, but hate running I might be more inclined to run if I look ridiculous;) Oh AND I thought about the Running Room Programs that make you run at night, BUT I would have my flashing AVE goggles, though I can only imagine what passing drivers would think.

With self experimentation I wouldn't convince any journals to document my story, but it'd make for good blogging and product awareness :)

I asked on the facebook page as well, but does anyone have any weight loss stories? If so I'd love to hear them. 


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