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Monday, December 20, 2010


Already thinking about New Years Resolutions!

I know, I know, Christmas isn't here yet and all I've been doing is training for the eat-a-thons with good friends and family. Because Edmonton has been so cold, all I want are carbs. Potatoes being the most acceptable :) YUM! Fear not I will do some snowboarding in Fernie and carry my nephew around (if that counts).

For those following twitter I hinted at some New Year's Resolution stuff coming down the pipe. Better health and wellness including weight loss is a popular goal. After reading some of the studies and testimonials for AVE, it could be an integral part of maintaining a resolution through out the year. The SAD study  published in the Journal of Neurotherapy, had an interesting conclusion. 'The daily diary results showed decreased over-eating, appetite, and carbohydrate intake while energy levels increased. By using AVE, some participants lost considerable weight. Twelve participants (8 females and 4 males) recorded their average weight loss of 3 pounds (1.36 kg) using the 1 Hz session and an average weight loss of 9.5 pounds (4.3 Kg). These same participants claim their average weight gain during the winter months is 15 pounds. Therefore, one benefit from using AVE is weight loss. One participant claimed, "after using the 20 Hz session for 2 weeks, the taste of sweets in my mouth was repulsive."' I'm going to have to try the 20 Hz trick. I have a terrible sweet tooth.

With the goggles it's possible to run on a treadmill with your AVE. I want to try this ridiculous looking experiment, because my hypothesis is one should be able to run longer with AVE on the brain brightner settings. If I stay focused on running rather than how tired I am I'd be better off :) Then with the meditation setting I should be able to recover faster as everything is completely relaxed and resting.


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Great stuff man! For this year I'm thinking about getting out more(going to try to pick up trail running and hiking again, been rough after COVID). Also want to restore a few shotguns I've got not so long ago(section with used guns for sale at https://gritrsports.com/shooting/firearms/used-guns/ has a lot of good stuff, gotta put a bit of elbow grease into those though!).

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